A Better life for your pets

Our History

Established in 2012.

In these days of mega-giant corporate stores, you can still find tough independents, offering more than just "one stop shopping". In the city of Upland, California, pet food specialist Brian Curry has opened Pet Food Emporium in the shadow of the giants without hoopla or fanfare; just the promise of quality pet food and good old-fashioned service. 

They believe their smaller store offers a big advantage for pet owners. "From the very beginning, the concept of our store was a nostalgic feel, similar to an old fashioned candy store," says Curry. "Glass jars with nutritious dog treats and shelves lined with specialty dog and cat foods," he adds," But more importantly, I will be right there to answer any questions you have about nutrition, food allergies, fussy eaters and special diets."

Pet Food Emporium is dedicated to bringing pet parents the best nutrition for your  pets, without the higher costs. 

Pet Food Emporium caters to the health conscious pet owner, but also believes that every pet owner would be more health conscious if they were aware of the impact pet food can have on the health and quality of the life of their pet. "If pet owners only knew what was in some of the foods they buy at grocery stores out of convenience, they would not let their pet eat it." Curry explains, "And healthy doesn't mean more expensive; a better food reduces the amount of food your pet needs, so the result is less expensive". 

A better life for your pets, a better price for you